It’s been amazing year and experience working on and creating this blog. I would have never thought that this blog would come so far just in one year or found myself blogging at all. It’s  been a very interesting experience meeting all the different people and being welcomed into this blogging community since everyone is so kind and friendly. I’ve also enjoyed working with different people who have made a big contribution to this blog in many different ways. For a while now I’ve just lost interest in Fantage, with all the new changes,  I feel like I’ve lost all motivation to continue blogging about Fantage it’s seems like its becoming what it was in the past more than looking forward into the future.  I use to love Fantage so much, I would play everyday or at least, any chance I had to get on the computer but now I look at the game and I just feel like it’s changed to a point where it’s like it’s not worth the time anymore. I’m already too old for Fantage as it’s and I feel that now’s the right time for me to mature and move on. I really wanted to continue what I;m doing with the pricing pages but since it’s really hard to get gold I can’t really do much anymore.Even with my-mall permission, eventually I would be left with the option of forcing myself to pay something that I don’t completely agree on. I just feel that the way players are being treated is not tolerable as well. Players are being hacked they may have or haven’t made money contributions to the game but why is nothing being done to compensate them? Why ? Because if Fantage doesn’t care about it’s players happiness than why should we care about theirs? It’s things like that , make me question why I played this game for so long.

I really do hope I was able to help at least one of you. As long as I’ve made at least one person happy or even put a smile on their face than,  I leave knowing that I accomplished something great! For those of you who have stuck with this blog  I just want to say thank you to all of you for your contributions whether it’s commenting on posts or helping out with certain aspects I really do appreciate all that you’ve done because my experience wouldn’t be the same without you guys. It hurts  that I have to say good bye but, I feel like now is the right time.

This blog will remain here as a memory left alone in one peace. It’s hard to leave certain people when you find them so, I might (although it’s unlikely) still continue to blog on my other blog if you would still like to keep in contact with me.  Also, please don’t comment asking for my account or any of my items because I’ve decided to share my account among-st people I’m fairly close too. I’ll  be  giving out gold to random people that I feel need it the most so, I won’t have a reason to come back since I can’t really host a giveaway after what happened. This is the end of my  seven year journey with Fantage  I’m glad I was able too finish it off doing something that I enjoyed with all of you.

Good Bye Everyone and Good Luck to all of you in the future.



Welcome Fantagians !

complete 2

Hey Fantagians ! Welcome to Fantagious Fantage . The owners name is Blizz99 . On Fantage she’s a level 1400+ nonmember and  she created this blog to help Fantagians have an amazing buying and selling experience in my-mall .This blog has the latest Fantage events, tips , pricing of my-mall items and many more !

Hope you enjoy it ! Thanks for visiting !

 Chat Here 

Feel free to chat among yourselves and please follow the rules below . 



    No Swearing , No Bullying   , No Inappropriate Language ,  No Advertising 

Please follow the rules and have fun chatting  ! 


Surprise Giveaway Winners !

I randomised it 14 times because it took 14 months to get to the milestone. list.png

Congratulations  Rainbowstar,Fantagesins and Cutiecake ! you have all 48 hours to claim your prize .First place gets first choice , followed by second and then third.

Please, don’t take long if you know that you can’t claim your prize then please say so , so you don’t leave other people who may only have a limited amount of my-mall permission waiting. If you don’t have enough gold for some of the minimum price(s) don’t worry I will deal that. The highest minimum is for wintergreen which is 6,750.

Email me at fantagiousfantage@gmail.com or comment below your kiosk and when you would be able to claim your item(s) on  Fantage.

Until I decide to pop up randomly again ∼ Blizz99

Suprise Giveaway

I’ve risen from the dead. A couple of days ago I went on my Fantage account just to look at my items that i don’t want anymore because I was hoarding most of them from before. I really go on like once a month to check on any bloggers that still play . Most of the time it isn’t me that’s online its someone else.

This is my first blog so, I still have this  attachment towards it so, I check on it every once and while to see how it’s doing. I disabled the comments after I quit since I was getting to many questions. I’m still curious as to why this blog still gets views. It’s pretty much the same views that I would get when I was active. I’m not sure why it does still to be completely honest.

Anyways, I wanted to get to 100,00 views before I quit but I just couldn’t take Fantage anymore. 100,000 views is big so I do feel like there isn’t going to be another big milestone like that ever again when I’m  actually around so, below are some items that I’m giving away.



Rules : You must have access to a kiosk in my-mall

Prizes :

  • First Place: choice of 3
  • Second Place : choice of 2
  • Third Place : choice of 1

How to Enter 

  • Comment “Entered”  or “Entering”+ 1 entry ( either one doesnt matter )
    • Reblog + 1 entry

Contest will end on Sunday at 11:59 pm  est

That’s pretty much it so , thanks guys so much , I couldn’t achieve something like this without you guys. I wouldn’t be blogging still if it weren’t for the bloggers I met on this blog I’m truly am happy that this was my starting point into doing something I really love. I’ll announce the winner on Monday.

Good luck  Everyone∼Blizz99

I Got Chloe Hair!

Thanks guys for answering my question from before! I just followed what I really wanted and not what I thought I wanted because i REALLY wanted chloe hair like for the past 2 weeks straight I’ve been bothering random people in mymall and asking questions(yes I was one of those people) . I  completed my Fantage wishlist so I’m literally so happy right now 🙂 I bought it overpriced at 333,333 but I know I’m not going to use gold for anything else so I just bought it anyways .

Screenshot (7030).png

Screenshot (7033).png

A Very Happy ∼Blizz99

Quick Question

Sorry for posting only items, I’m just really indecisive and I don’t wanna make a mistake since once I spend my gold it’s not coming back again. I can’t decide between option one or two. I’ve wanted option one for a really long (maybe 5 years or so around when It first released)  but I have a hair that looks like option one just the tops different so I kind of wear propeller hat just like that with a hat over it.

Screenshot (7024)

I saw option one at a kiosk (thanks fantagesins for telling me ) but,  I’m short  on gold for option 1  . The thing is that option 1 is never around  and I don’t have enough for option 1.

Then there’s option 2 which  I have enough for, but I don’t want to lose the opportunity since I’m trying to get option one and it could be better than getting nothing at all since I don’t have the patience or the time anymore. I like the items in option 2 as well just not as much as option one. Then I get more items in option 2 and also complete part of my wishlist as well.

The third option would be to get nothing which is what I don’t want to do.

Screenshot (7023).png

Which option should I choose? Please comment or take the poll below.


Happy Mothers’ Day! Event

I’m so sorry I’m late.  I hadn’t been on WordPress or my Fantage e-mail for about a week, possibly longer.  Anyways, Mothers’ Day is this Sunday, so now there’s an event on Fantage about it!  More gold drainage! xP

Screenshot (474)

Let’s move onto the items! (Ah, I really wish I could sell some stuff.  It really is hard to have to buy things but not be able to get gold back from selling other things.  In other words, I’m unemployed and going broke.)

Screenshot (473)

All the prices for the corresponding items are basically the same, and the starred set (middle) has twice the amount of stars as gold (as always).

Dress: 5,000 gold/10,000 stars (yellow)

Hair: 4,000 gold/8,000 stars (yellow)

Ribbon/Earrings: 2,000 gold

Basket: 2,000 gold/4,000 stars (yellow)

Shoes: 1,500 gold, 3,000 stars (yellow)

So why does it say “Game Item”?  Look below! (Why did that sound so cheesy?)

Basically, you go to the forest and there will be floating flowers.  In order to collect them, you have to have one of the dresses listed as “Game Item” in your inventory.

Screenshot (478).png

If you don’t have the dress, you can’t collect the flower.  And if you collect 30 of a certain flower, you can get prizes.  30 of all the colors and you get a bigger prize.

Screenshot (479)

Screenshot (477).png

I believe you can get a medal from this flower collecting, but I have yet to get it.

Screenshot (481)

I have no idea why the medal picture didn’t update.

Oh, and don’t forget to make your mom a card and classic coupon book!

Screenshot (475).png

Same directions, as always.

Screenshot (476)

The designs look really nice, I’m sure your mother would appreciate it! c:  Well, I’m sure they’ll appreciate anything you make them.

Screenshot (480)

And here’s a nicely made coupon book!  I’m not being sarcastic, this stuff is actually pretty lovely. 😉

And don’t forget to log in on Sunday the 8th for a surprise gift!

Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve posted…

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥

Happy 1 Year Annivesary

Screenshot (7018)

I didn’t think that I would last a year here to be really honest, I’m kind of glad that I did stay around. Anyways,  I’d just like to say that you to all the people who have  supported,  still support this blog and/or have supported this blog from the beginning. Even though I haven’t really been doing much on here lately still getting support from you guys which is amazing. I don’t have much to say other than thank you to all the followers and viewers of this blog because my blogging experience wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for you guys ! Thanks you’re all amazing ❤

∼Blizz99 ❤


I’m on a hunt for these two items If you know or see anyone selling these coined can you guys please let me know in the comments below. I don’t care about arrow that much just really looking for chloe, its impossible to find coined nowadays.

Screenshot (7015)


What I’ve Been Up To

Not much, to be honest.  I’ve been on a couple of times, but MUCH less than usual.. you most likely know the reasons why, so I’m not going to say much else.  If you don’t, go look on Fantage Spy because I’m too lazy to retype it here.  What do you think copy and paste is for, Annabeth?

Well, I haven’t been up to anything really.  Spent 20-30k.  Been there, done that.  Moving along.  Prom Event?  Eh… I couldn’t care less, honestly.  I don’t think the items are TOO overpriced (still expensive, but I wouldn’t expect anything else).  I’m just bored of Fantage as a whole.

Now, you’ve heard enough of my ranting so I have some pictures to show you instead.

I’m glad I came on after so long to hang out with Misspiggy and Minso!  Really fun to hang out with! 🙂

Oh, and this happened:

Screenshot (471)

Q-Blast has been really laggy, and I’ve pretty much stopped playing.  For the most part, I come on Fantage to hang out with Kelly and other WordPressers.  And then I went to another tab for 1 second and she leaves… XD

That’s all.  Nothing particularly interesting.  Well, except Misspiggy and Minso… you probably find them more interesting than me, nowadays. xP

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥

A Night in London – Fantage Prom 2016 (Part 2)

Screenshot (6964).pngPart 2 is here, now you’ll probably notice there isn’t much to do during this event. The items and everything from part 1 are also still available as well.

Our Prom King and Queen are :
Screenshot (6962)

For voting you’ll receive 300 stars.
Screenshot (6963)

Sophia and Cody ! not really far since last time Cody  won prom king and suddenly Sophia has become really popular and surpassed Last years prom queen, Victoria. All I can say  is that’s a very odd couple .


(This is last years picture)

Limited Items

Screenshot (6961)

You can find the user inspired items cart located downtown ONLY it’s not uptown at all so don’t try looking for it there.

Screenshot (6974).png

The items in both these sets are very cute I especially like the board in the second set although I’m not a big fan of these dresses since Fantage has been release flowy dresses for the past couple of events and they’re not necessarily items that I’d wear a lot. They’re also a bit pricey at so, I’d personally only buy one if I really liked the item.

Both prices apply to the same types of items. Items can either be bought with stars or gold. Congratulations to xxclark32 & melodysinger8 for getting there items chosen.

Girls Limited Set 1 & 2 Prices

  • Hairs – 4,000 gold /8,000 stars   each
  • Dresses  –  5,000 gold/10,000 stars each
  • Corsage- (Limited set 1 ) 2,000 gold/4,000 stars each
  • Wand –  (Limited set 2 )  2,000 gold/4,000 stars each
  • Mask  -(Limited set 2 ) 2,000 gold/4,000 stars each
  • Shoes-  1,500 gold / 3,000 stars each
  • xxclarks32’s 2016 board –  4,000 gold /8,000 stars each

Screenshot (6975)

The guys items look very interesting  to me , not just your general guys suit and tie tuexdo in the first set. The hair in the guys first set just reminds me of justin bieber for some reason immediately when I saw  it. For the most part they are pretty equal to the girls items in terms of effort.

Guys Limited Set 1&2 Prices 

  • Hairs – 4,000 gold /8,000 stars   each
  • Shirt –  3,000 gold / 6,000 stars each
  • Pants –   3,000 gold / 6,000 stars each
  • Shoes – 1,500 gold / 3,000 stars each
  • Earring – (Limited set 1 ) 2,000 gold/4,000 stars each
  • Watch – (Limited set 1 ) 2,000 gold/4,000 stars each
  • Wand –  (Limited set 2 )  2,000 gold/4,000 stars each
  • Mask-  (Limited set 2 ) 2,000 gold/4,000 stars each
  • xxclarks32’s 2016 board –  4,000 gold /8,000 stars  each

Screenshot (6965)

Every 5 minutes a person gets featured on the jumbo screen since Dj Breeze is sick. You can only be featured on there between 5pm-11pm fst (eastern standard time)

Screenshot (6971)

If you wait long enough (or just go on an empty server ) than you ca be chosen as Dj that’s pretty much all for the Fantage Prom Event !

Screenshot (6946).png

bald is the new bald


A Night In London – Fantage Prom 2016 (Part 1 )

Screenshot (6876)

Prom is here ! There aren’t that many differences from previous prom events on Fantage . The only real change I’ve noticed is that they change the color scheme and did a little decorating but for the most part it’s pretty similar to the usual prom event you see every year.

Screenshot (6879)

From left to right are the NPC’s you might have seen on Fantage.  If your’re not sure what shops they own or what they do in Fantage here they’re . Choose your prom king and queen wisely like the future of Fantage depends on it(just kidding). I just choose based on however you want to be prom king and or queen.  :

  • Gizemo-Qblast
  • Micheal -Board Shop
  • Jester – Jester’s Shop
  • Cody – Cody’s Combos and
  • Sophia – (Evil PM boutique lady out to steal everyone’s gold)
  • Michelle – Le Shop
  • Victoria –  Umm what does she do again ?
  • Kawaii- Sun Block

Here you get to vote for your prom king and queen and you will receive 25 stars for voting . You can vote every 15 minutes. I would honestly just vote for the cutest outfit. They should have their dates together with them  so a random couple doesn’t win and the girls together but I’m honestly surprised to see Cody since last year he won prom and I learned that bears could win prom. Fantage Logic

Screenshot (6875).png

Girls items are pretty cute but they’re very pricey. I like both dresses from both sets they’re both very cute. I think I prefer the first set overall because of the items look a little bit better then the other one. The second I only really like the dress and the crown. I think Fantage is stepping up their game and making really great items the sad part is that not everyone has the gold to buy items nowadays. Then again every’s pretty broke right the User Exclusive Items Event  took 11,900,000 gold from the game that’s just the sales for the girls items (Which is the really crazy) ! The option for members to buy items with stars only comes around every once and a while. Screenshot (6895).png

The guys items look cute , however the first hair does look very familiar to another hair for guys. I don’t usually pay attention to the guys items but the second sets suit looks most of the suits I see for males on Fantage just in a shade of red. I feel like Fantage targets making females items better since more females play, so most of the gold that Fantage gets from users buying items are from females so they make them better for that reason.

Screenshot (6898)

Every 10 minutes the Limo comes around downtown to be pick up users. Click on the limo and you will go on this really long ride to the castle. I’m not sure how long it’ll take to get there but u can always exit if you feel the need too.

Screenshot (6887).png

(This is the inside of the Limo )

Screenshot (6885).png

Here’s how they decorated the castle to match the London Theme.I’m not a big fan of the decorations I liked the way it was decorated last year more. If you happen to have an image of the Magical Terrace could you please email us at fantagiousfantage@gmail.com Thanks!

Sneak Peek at Part 2’s Items (User Inspired) 

Screenshot (6900).png

Congratulation’s to the users who got their items chosen !

That’s are for Part 1 ! Stay tuned for Part 2 ! This is probably the last event post i’ll be posting about. I’ll come back to post about part two and that it’ll be it.


Npc Shrinkage? + Qotd

I feel like Sophia was taller before I guess she shrunk because of all the gold she was taking might be turning into a leprechaun Fantage is full of surprises. Compared to all the other NPC I stand beside she seems shorter maybe she was that way the whole time I haven’t noticed till my screen glitched  and I couldn’t see the PM boutique voting button. The voting thing is still at Pm Boutique so don’t worry about that. Screenshot (6888)

Screenshot (6888).png

Expectation vs. Reality

Do you guys see it ? (You can probably tell I have nothing to post about)

qotd spring

If you could choose how tall your Fantagian would be, how tall would you make it?


Fantage Prom 2016- A Night In London Coming Soon

Screenshot (6864).png

Instead of a night in Paris it’s now a night in London. The items look cute, I’m just worried about the prices of them( I personally don’t want to get my hopes up which Fantage usually does and then you look at the price then your like well that’s disappointing. ) I don’t think it’s really fair that they changed the theme since before it was Paris so people might have drawn their user inspired items to suit that theme. I feel like there was some controversy around the  other theme since the bombings in Paris happened that might be  part of the reason why they changed it.

Screenshot (6323)

(Original Poster)

How do you feel about the theme change ? ∼Blizz99

Exclusive Limited Edition Items

Screenshot (6812)

(I was going to post this yesterday but then I got lazy. )

When I saw the sign I though “here we go again they’re going to drain our gold by tempting us with nice items that are overly-priced “. I feel like they’re going to do this every month now till there’s no more gold in the game, so then people will actually have to buy gold. If they do then I wouldn’t wait around to look at items I can’t have I’d just stop playing.

Screenshot (6808)


Now they’ve got Sophia as bait standing outside all day so she can basically take all your gold. (She’s secretly evil)

(The list below will be updated)

Screenshot (6806)Screenshot (6814).png

Screenshot (6860)Screenshot (6861)Screenshot (6862)

Screenshot (6910)

Wedding Veil 15,000

Screenshot (6909)

20,000 White Wedding Gown

Screenshot (6908).png

12,000 Long Parted Side Braid



Screenshot (6815).png

Screenshot (6867)

Screenshot (6866)

Screenshot (6865)

Screenshot (6892).png

Fantage is pretty dumb, it would be easier to sell the items for cheap and then wait for the big price jump rather then sell them for too high in the short term and make them drop after. I guess they want the direct gold that’s why the items are pretty expensive and I think the cherry blossom dress still isn’t sold out yet. It’s an increase from last time I’m guessing they think that the outfits should be worth more or something. They should’ve kept it at 10k like last time because now it’s just too much. The guys had cherry blossom board already but I’m not sure how much it went for.

Here’s all the scary math of how much gold they’d make if everything sold: 

Last time they took : 7,000,000 gold 

(That’s just the girls I’m not sure if all the guys items sold last time. ) 

Girls Items 

Cherry Blossom Dress 15,000 gold x 100 = 1,500,000 gold

Cherry Blossom Hair 12,000 gold x 100 = 1,200,000 gold

Cherry Blossom Board 15,000 gold x 100 = 1,500,000 gold

 Long Parted Side Braid  12,000 gold x 100 = 1,200,000 gold

 White Wedding Gown 20,000 gold x 100=  2,000,000

Wedding Veil 15,000 gold x 100 = 1,500,000 gold

Flower Crown 10,000 gold  x 100 =  1,000,000 gold

White Wedding Dress  20,000 gold  x 100 =  2,000,000 gold

Total FOR girls items during this event:  11,900,000 gold that’s CRAZY ! 

Guys Items 

Combat Boots (not sold out )  8,000 x 100= 800,000

Cherry Blossom Board 15,000 gold x 100 = 1,500,000 gold

Trendsetters Update 

They also updated the trendsetters list I think they’ve only started to add some items from this year. I haven’t seen any items from last year only a few from the past 5 events. The maximum for girls use to be 2365, now it’s 2397. ( Correct me if I’m wrong )

Screenshot (6804)Screenshot (6805)Screenshot (6801)